Pine French Farm Style Table




Reclaimed Pine French Farm Style Table
with Two Center Cross Base Stretchers

Also Available As:
84″L x 32″W
FNDT-031315-84PINE  $2595.00
96″L x 32″W
FNDT-031315-96PINE  $3350.00
168″L x 32″W
FNDT-031315-168PINE  $4400.00

Wider Versions Also Available
144″L x 43″W x 29.5″H
FNDT-031315-43X144PINE  $4250.00
96″L x 43″W x 29.5″H
FNDT-031315-43X96PINE  $3595.00

1 in Napa in 96″L x 43″W

Length: 144"
Width: 32"
Height: 29.5"
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