Join us at Mecox Dallas as we welcome Kanju Interiors for a trunk show! Featuring hand-crafted, one of a kind goods made by tribal craftsmen and women, their unique array of beautiful merchandise will amaze you.

Kanju Interiors is a luxury and décor brand who partners with fine artists and artisan groups across the African continent. Each work in their collections is produced by hand in processes that utilize local and sustainable materials and often call on traditional production techniques and preserved heritage craft. From ceramics and oil paintings to stunning photography and mixed media work, Kanju Interiors maintains continual direct communication with our artists and knows first when an artist is producing new pieces.

Because Kanju’s designs are individually handcrafted, each work is unique as slight variations are inherent in the production process. In addition, some artworks may be originals that represent an artist’s style or similar series, but may not be guaranteed available. As you browse these exquisite pieces, we hope you will find delight and inspiration in their rich stories. Africa is a vast, endlessly diverse, and enchanting continent with infinite substance to feed the imagination. The works from these artists are the result of skills honed over years and generations, thousands of miles traveled, and the magic that comes from the varied experience of mediums, regions, groups, and individuals each bringing their own perspective to the Kanju Interiors collection.