The term Faux Bois literally is the from the French meaning “false wood.”  In design, faux bois refers to the artistic imitation of wood or wood grains in home furnishing and decor.  Here are some of our favorite faux bois items, making it chic and effortless to add a touch of faux bois to any interior design.

Elyse Linen Wrapped Buffet

Oval gesso faux bois appliques decorate this unique item – surely to be the piece de resistance of your dining room

Caroline Side Table

Artistry abounds with amazingly intricate faux painted faux bois grains on this classic and simple table

Turk Cage Chandelier

Rustic chic best describes our popular chandelier – the faux bois form is earthy while the white plaster lends a contemporary vibe:

Small Branch Bench

How perfect to complement a garden or outdoor space with organic elements like this bench mimicking nature’s form

Faux Bois Mirror

It’s lovely and unexpected to find faux bois playfully mixed into your decor on items like this Faux Bois Mirror

Having fun with faux bois designs will surely enhance your home’s aesthetic with warmth and beauty inspired by a most treasured element of nature–wood.