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Outdoor Ring Concrete Console

Outdoor Ring Light Gray Concrete Console
with Radial, Horizontal and Vertical Etched Lines

This item is handcrafted and may show slight variation in size from one piece to another. Minor cracks and imperfections are to be expected.

A proper maintenance program is imperative to ensure
the longevity of our concrete products. Concrete is
porous by nature. It should be cleaned frequently to
remove abrasive agents from its surface using only
acid-free, bleach-free, neutral pH cleaners designed for
cleaning natural stone. Avoid ceramic cleaners, which
can stain, damage, or dull concrete, or natural cleaners,
which are usually highly acidic citrus-based.
Start with dampening the surface with clear water to
keep the cleaning solution from sticking. Remove excess
cleaning solution to prevent staining. Wipe up any spills
immediately to avoid penetration of the sealer and
possible discoloration. Periodically, re-wax the surface to
maintain the natural stone finish. When placing objects
on the surface, use felt or rubber feet pads. Concrete
material naturally distresses, so keep in mind that minor
cracks and imperfections are to be expected.

$3,325.00 (hide price)

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