Bora Concrete Planters




Large Bora Planter in Slate Concrete
1 Large in Palm Beach, 1 in Southampton

Medium Bora Planter in Slate Concrete
22″Dia x 30″H
POT-1724-MDBORA  $540.00
1 Medium in Napa, 1 in Southampton

Small Bora Planter in Slate Concrete
18″Dia x 24″H
POT-1724-SMBORA  $415.00
1 Small in Napa, 1 in Southampton, 4 in Palm Beach

Suitable For Use on Covered Porch or Sheltered Area. Cover or Store When Not in Use. Furniture Used Outdoors Will Change and Weather Over Time. This Includes Changes in Color, Tone, Fractures and Movement.
Concrete Surfaces Can Be Rustic in Nature with Variations in Texture and Color. These Are Not Considered Imperfections as They Are Characteristic to This Material.

Length: 27"
Width: 27"
Height: 35.5"