There are multiple definitions of Marie Flanigan. Mother, wife, business owner, architect, proud Texan and talented designer. She is also a good friend of Mecox. Despite all of her different titles, there is a consistent theme. Moved by a practically Olympian-level passion, Marie is hands-on in everything she does. Since that’s the closest we can come to succinctly defining her, here are a few definitions we came up with based on her responses to interview questions she so graciously, and eloquently, answered.

Shortcut – If I could skip over any step of the design process it would be the waiting game! We diligently work with our clients to bring these gorgeous design concepts to life, but construction timelines can last up to two years. I wish I could snap my fingers and bring a design to completion, but it’s a process, and although it takes time, watching the entire team come together to master every last detail is pure magic.

Jennifer Aniston – Dream celebrity client crush. She has a timeless sense of style that speaks to so many people around the world, and to top it off, she’s a talented business woman and a stellar friend. Who wouldn’t want to work with someone like that?

Tight Budget Go-To’s – CB2 and West Elm

Unlimited Budget Go-To’s – Christian Liaigre, Formations and Holly Hunt

Middle Road Go-To’s – Mecox! We always find exceptional pieces in nearly any price range, making it the perfect spot for us to shop for our clients.

Creative Expression – Creative opportunities are endless and being a part of the Information Age means that they’re also right at our fingertips. I’m motivated by the joyful experience of bringing creative expressions to life. No matter where life takes me, I will find a way to cultivate some form of creative expression.

Career Regrets – It can be tempting to turn back and question whether every complicated decision I’ve made over the past 13 years was right or wrong, but I prefer to focus my attention forward, using those experiences, good or bad, to shape my days to come. (I’m standing here today because of both my successes and my failures.)

Instagram Goals – (Marie has 15,000 followers!) We strive to serve up a playful mix of innovative design solutions that are both beautiful and functional. We hope our followers walk away from their experience on our accounts feeling uplifted.

Introversion – It’s a benefit in my profession. I tend to be more of a listener than a talker and I’m happy diving into project-related details for hours without needing a great deal of interaction.

Free Time – What is this free time you speak of?

Point of Differentiation – The combination of creativity and professionalism. There are some incredibly talented designers in this world, but what sets me apart is my team’s pride in extraordinary customer service and attention to detail.

Pets – I don’t have any. BUT, I’ve managed to keep a few fiddle leaf fig trees alive at home and around the office. I’ll count that as a win!

Collecting – I prefer to edit stuff out versus adding stuff in, so I don’t do a great deal of collecting. (That said, I do pick up unique pieces of art when traveling; I treasure three hand-carved clay pots my husband and I bought in Mexico more than 10 years ago.)

The Tipping Point – While your home should share your unique story and you can accomplish that on your own, you know you need to hire a designer when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You’ll likely find that you save time and money in the process.

The Highest Point – I’m not sure I’ll ever feel like I’ve made it in this business. To me, that implies an end. I consider my career (and life) to be a journey with ongoing peaks and valleys. At the peak of every mountain, I feel stronger and more equipped to climb the next one.

Spirit Animal – Can this be my dream spirit animal versus my actual spirit animal? I’m a working mom so most days I feel like the most appropriate response would be a howler monkey, but if this is an animal I strive to be, I will go with a leopard. For one, I’m a fan of wearing the print, but I also admire the grace found in their strength and beauty. Leopards are confident and skilled at listening; all traits I work to improve upon every day.