Have you noticed how rooms in design magazines seem to have a ethereal warm inviting glow?  Have you tried to re-create that look, only for your bright idea to burn out?  For an interior designer, lighting is one of the most powerful tools in their arsenal.  Lighting enhances mood, and really is the final touch on a design!  Manipulating light to create a beautiful space that suits any desired mood is something you can do in your own home, and is pretty easy!  Today’s Blog is all about lighting, featuring some of our fabulous fixtures at Mecox, But first there are a few things you’ll need to know.

Designers use multiple types of lighting in a space: Ambient, Task, Focal, and Decorative.

The most common type of lighting is Ambient.  Ambient Lighting provides an overall lighting source for the space and aids in a basic visual tasks.  The most common type of ambient lighting is recessed lighting, however table lamps can be great sources of Ambient lighting in a space providing general illumination.

The second most common type of lighting is Task Lighting.  Usually found in Offices and Kitchens, task lighting is generally directed to a specific work surface or area and makes tasks easier to perform.  Unfortunately, Task Lighting is generally more function than form, but we have some fabulous task lighting options to solve the Form vs. Function dilemma at Mecox!

The next two types of lighting used in illuminating a space are Focal and Decorative.

Focal Lighting is normally an aesthetic type of lighting that helps stylize and enhance features in a space.  Focal Lighting generally will wash a wall with light to enhance its texture, or provide a beam of light to spotlight a piece of art, or an architectural feature in the room.

Decorative Lighting provides subtle illumination and is purely ornamental. Designers use Decorative lighting to enhance the overall design of a space. Chandeliers and Wall Sconces are the most common types of Decorative Lighting designers use.

By using Ambient,Task,Focal and Decorative Lighting you too can re-create that perfectly lit room that so many people envy!